Coaching & Mentoring

What we do

We help serious Executives become more self-aware, organisationally effective and deliver even better results! Our work is with individuals, corporate leadership, functional leadership or cross-functional teams.

How we work

One-to-one: Clarity’s work is primarily with senior management – usually for a long time in a senior role and unlikely to want someone to tell them how to do their job. Coaching and Mentoring provides an opportunity both personally (exploring personal effectiveness and transformation) and for the organisation (developing new leaders, leading change, setting the tone for subordinates). With a new level of awareness, our client will be able to decide how best to become more effective, more appreciated and to get more job satisfaction, today and in future - to the benefit of individual and Company.

With Teams: Our Systemic coaching approach looks at the whole team, together and apart. Helping them to collaborate, develop collective leadership, achieve a common purpose and improve performance as a whole. Teams begin effectively to engage with their key stakeholders and jointly transform the wider business.  We take into account the inherently complex nature of teams in a systemic context. It has a measurable ROI.

Examples of Recent Projects

We currently coach and mentor in Poland, Europe and the U.S., with senior business leaders, individually and in teams, towards greater self-awareness and operational impact. Sectors include FMCG, Insurance, Banking, Software, Legal, Engineering, Logistics, Pharma, Wines & Spirits and Chemicals. Recent examples include:

  • Worked with an FMCG CEO and international Law Firm Partners, to help initial focus and effectiveness in their new assignments.
  • Coached Board Members within three international Banks to operate more effectively with peers and subordinates and to recognise their own impact in creating resistance.
  • Coached two UK Board Members in a global shipping organisation, as part of a Top Team Leadership initiative.
  • Coached four high-potential Directors in Global Pharma organisation.
  • Worked with a multinational Engineering subsidiary in Switzerland, to develop Mission, Vision and Values to guide their organisation.
  • Coached Belgian Law Firm Partner to produce new business development strategy.
  • Team Coaching of the Executive Leadership Team of an international Logistics provider
  • Mentored a China Chemicals SVP during a major re-organisation and amalgamation of two disparate manufacturing units.
  • Team Coaching of the Polish Leadership Team of an international Packaging provider.
  • Intensive Coaching/Mentoring & Shadowing programme with FMCG Country General Manager, to improve personal effectiveness and business results.

We help develop a coaching style of management

We are accredited to deliver two highly experiential and accredited workshops:

Coaching Skills for Directors. We run a 7-day workshop, spread over 4-months, which equips directors with the necessary knowledge and skills to coach their teams each day. It is particularly effective in augmenting leadership styles, building motivation and personalising relations with subordinates, to elicit improved performance.

Coaching Skills for Managers. We run a 2-day workshop, which equips managers with the necessary skills to start coaching their employees effectively. It is particularly effective for those managers who have problems delegating responsibilities and have a tendency to try to do the job of the subordinate.

Clarity of leadership, clarity of business and clarity of individuals are necessities.