How we can support you

We identify key issues, define core competences and formulate development plan and value added proposition. We coach or train teams for new competencies necessary to reach new objectives.

We create internal processes to help manage and measure business effectiveness.

We help organisations to develop their communications identity.

We work with small and medium companies to increase their scope of business through introducing modifications to strategic management and internal processes and procedures, as well as through improving work effectiveness and competitive communication with the market, current clients, potential clients and other stakeholders.

Our focus

Management – work efficiency and leadership team effectiveness improvement: We work at Board levels, with top management and regional leadership teams in multinational companies
Corporate Communications: We help develop Brand Footprint, Brand Values and a concise strategic approach to Corporate Communications.
Company Stakeholders: We design tailored programmes to improve communications and relations with target individuals and groups.

How we do it

Thanks to our wide-ranging corporate experience, we combine expertise in team management, strategic business development, performance analysis and people development.

Our capabilities

Team Engagement:

  • Performance assessment vs business needs.
  • Evaluation of internal processes and procedures.
  • Assessment of team structure and the skills and abilities of its members.
  • Evaluating business understanding and core competences.
  • Defining challenges and areas for improvement.
  • Helping creating business strategy.
  • Developing improvement plans.
  • Coach/train people for results.

Brand Development & Corporate Communications:

  • Communications Audit & Report.
  • Assessment of current Brand positioning and Brand values.
  • Developing desired Brand positioning & Brand promise.
  • Development of an Overall Communications Strategy.
  • Designating Tools & Means to best use company budgets.
  • Evaluating Social Media usage.
  • Optimising Online Communications.
  • Determining Marketing/ Communications Mix Strategy.
  • Evaluating Sponsorship Programmes & Recommendations.
  • Defining effective ways to reach the Company’s Stakeholders.
  • Developing Strategies to engage Core Company targets.

Corporate Social Responsibilities:

  • Stakeholders & Community Audit & Reporting.
  • CSR Strategy.
  • CSR Plan of Activities.
  • Internal CSR plan & employee engagement.
  • Strategic Philanthropy.

Clarity of leadership, clarity of business and clarity of individuals are necessities.